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Deer Camp 101: What You Really Need to Know for Opening Day!

Deer Camp 101: What You Really Need to Know for Opening Day!

Mar 5th 2020

Deer Camp 101: What You Really Need to Know for Opening Day!The arrival of Deer Camp is one of the few times in life when grown adults have clearance to be as a giddy as a schoolgirl. In our modern, fast-paced, technologically-progressive society, experiences like deer camp have become a rarity these days. As such, when it is time to do this thing, it should be done right. So let us pack up our gear, hit the trail, and take a journey into Deer Camp 101.

The Technology

Minimal. That should be the guiding principle when contemplating what technology to bring. If you make deer camp out of a cabin in the woods, then the inside of it better not look like it is a five-star resort. The entire spirit of deer camp is to remove oneself from the bustle of the modern world and return to nature.

This means, for those who might bring their teenage children along with them, you will probably have to give them a full pat-down body search to ensure that blasted smartphone doesn't make the trip; but, it is worth it. You can take a phone for emergencies, but just lock that sucker up and only break it out in the direst of circumstances. The cabin should be rustic, the location remote, and the technology minimal. In fact, I think you could even make a case for outlawing running water and electricity, but I'll leave that up to you.

The Food

I just got through telling you that the technology should be minimal. So when you are planning a menu for deer damp, one should consider: a number of dishes and cleanup, quantity, ease of reheating, and overall simplicity. Past favorites include: hot dogs, cold cuts, ham soup and, of course, chili.

Remember, not everyone will be finished hunting at the same time. If a deer requires tracking, food may be abandoned only to be reheated later. There should be nothing fancy about it and if you can work venison or other game or fowl into the meal, consider that winning at deer camp life. This an experience more than an event and one should embrace it in its purest form.

The People

While yes, everyone is there to bag a deer, deer camp is actually not about the deer at all. It is about the people who comprise your camp and the long lost art of comradery. For many, it could be used as a gathering of old war buddies, college buddies, or even some preciously rare time of a father with his sons, or even a mother with daughters.

For the reunion of old buddies, it can serve as a reminder that life passes quickly, so you might as well enjoy it right. For the younger generation, it can serve as a reminder that life can slow down; so let it. Enjoy the entire hunt: the chilly mornings, the movement of wildlife and ultimately harvesting a deer. Deer camp can be done many ways, but if you keep it technologically minimal, with simple and delicious meals, and surrounded by the people you enjoy most, then you will most certainly be doing deer camp life right. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Deer Camp 101.