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Why Conservation Groups Matter

There is a lot of buzz about environmental issues and natural habitat conservation in contemporary society. Newspapers, television channels and other media have been going gaga over the impacts of human activities on the environment, be it oil and gas extraction, global warming or other important issues. One thing is certain; we need people who take environmental conservation seriously to ensure that proper measures are implemented at ground levels so that ecosystems are protected and conserved. Future generations need our commitment towards the environment for a better future.

Planet Earth's environment involves living components (like animals, plants and microorganisms) and non-living elements (such as water, air, and soil). Amongst various species, humans are the smartest and know should know best to use the surrounding environment for both survival and growth.

To achieve high standards of living and to address rising needs, human beings are consistently developing newer technologies, amenities and infrastructures by using natural resources for their benefit. Such activities, however, can have environmental impacts, such as: water pollution, waste dumping, air pollution, deforestation, global warming, climate change, etc.

These actions also cause adverse impacts on many ecological members such as wetlands, aquatic life, forests, animals, birds, and other creatures. To maintain ecosystem balance and ensure a better future, it is important that we use natural resources wisely and responsibly to conserve the environment.

With growing awareness and concerns for natural habitats, endangered species, human health and other priorities, many governments, authorities, agencies, private institutes, as well as non-profit organizations, are participating in the efforts towards environmental conservation and protection.

Amongst different entities, "Environmental Conservation Groups" play a key role and use a unique approach towards the conservation of an ecosystem. Depending upon their vision, goals, and mission, these conservation groups focus on specific environmental issues, topics or living species.

As an example, the Ducks Unlimited (DU) organization works for the conservation of wetlands and waterfowl. The Wild Oceans organization dedicates its efforts towards ocean fish conservation. The National Audubon Society focuses on birds and wildlife.

Currently, several conservation groups are involved in the environmental field on various interesting and pressing topics. So, we need to understand such groups properly and study how they really work. This article is intended to provide an overview of these conservation groups and associated focus areas towards environmental conservation.

Realizing the extent and scope of environmental conservation sector, it is not possible to list all the conservation groups in this article, but following list can provide a glimpse of ongoing work in this field and types of conservation groups working towards the betterment of a global society.

Conservation Groups Focused on Wildlife and Biodiversity

  • Conservation International: Conservation and protection of nature
  • Defenders of Wildlife: Wildlife and habitat conservation, safeguarding biodiversity
  • Ducks Unlimited: Conservation of wetlands and waterfowl
  • Eco Health Alliance: Conservation of biodiversity
  • Nature Conservancy: Conservation of water and land
  • National Parks Conservation Association: Conservation of national parks
  • National Wildlife Federation: Conservation and protection of wildlife
  • Rainforest Alliance: Conserve biodiversity, ensure sustainable livelihoods
  • Sierra Club: Promote wilderness protection, environmental acts, clean energy
  • Wildlife Conservation Society: Save wildlife and wild places across the globe
  • World Wildlife Foundation: Building future in which people live in harmony with nature

  • Conservation Groups Focused on Oceans

  • Global Coral Reef Alliance: Growing, protecting and managing coral reefs
  • Marine Conservation Institute: Permanent, strong protection of oceans
  • Ocean Conservancy: Healthy and thriving ocean and its wildlife
  • Ocean Futures Society: Explore and protect global ocean
  • Sea Web: Solution for oceans related to climate change, pollution, marine life

  • Conservation Groups Focused on Animals and Birds Protection

  • American Cetacean Society: Protect whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their habitats
  • National Audubon Society: Conserve ecosystems with focus on birds and wildlife
  • Ocean Mammal Institute: Increase human connection with natural world
  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society: Conserving whales and dolphins
  • Wild Oceans: Protecting fish and ocean wildlife world

  • Conservation Groups Focused on Various Issues

  • Environmental Defense Fund: Solutions for climate, oceans, ecosystem and health issues
  • Earth Justice: Use of law to protect oceans, land, and wildlife
  • Greenpeace: Peaceful protest, creative communication to promote solutions
  • League of Conservation Voters: Advocates for sound environmental laws and policies
  • Oceana: Advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation

  • Roles and involvements of these groups as well as their resulting impacts on the society for conservation of environment cannot be ignored. Although governments and regulatory authorities work toward environment protection, such conservation groups provide necessary impetus toward taking conservation movement forward.

    Conservation groups provide added vision, expertise and authority on specific environmental topics. Credible organizations and their valuable efforts get recognized and respected well within the communities. Various groups support activities at local, regional, national, as well as international level, and influence the future of conservation process.

    As responsible citizens of the planet Earth, let's start exploring different conservation groups active in our areas, understand their contributions and, finally, participate in this movement as possible so that we and our offspring get the environment that everyone deserves.
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